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       We understand that for various reasons, people do sometimes need to re-home their dog,
    whatever its breed or breeding; and while we're fortunate that these circumstances don't
    often befall our much-loved Collies, some of us committed to this lovely breed have taken
    upon ourselves the care and responsibility of trying to find homes for those Collies (Rough
    & Smooth) who for whatever reason cannot be returned to their breeder, or whose breeder
    is unknown.
    We have on occasions been assisted by the main Animal Welfare shelters in S.A. by their
    letting us know when they've received or found a Collie, and we hope we will always hear
    about those who need us, and that in time, the public may also learn to think of breed
    clubs whenever they find a pure-bred 'stray', or are thinking of adopting an older dog.
    Collies are a very people-oriented and sensitive breed, and often don't cope well in the
    impersonal environment of a pound situation  
     The Collie Rescue team will have these dogs vet-checked, and heartworm tested, and where
    necessary, de-sexed, microchipped, any Vet. work attended to, and some basic manners taught
    to ensure we are re-homing dogs fit and ready for their new lives as companions to a person or
    family, and with the skills for household membership.
    They'll be groomed & bathed in readiness for their new home, and advice is offered regarding
    their care, diet, and exercise requirements. Some dogs come to us and pass through the 'system'
    very quickly and easily, while others take a geat deal more time and effort, or need extensive
    Veterinary work or rehabilitation before moving on.  We ask a donation towards the cost of
    maintaining this service, as 'payment' for our efforts, which have so far been very successful,
    with none except the escape artist 'Scotti' having to be returned... but he was snapped up again
    very quickly and remains a much-loved character in his new household with super-secure fencing !

      So these dogs generally aren't 'give-aways', and we would advise against taking on
    a dog from the newspaper or elsewhere that's advertised as being 'free-to-good-home',
    unless you know
the dog's history or the relinquishing owner's reasons. 

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              Two of our rescue dogs join the family practising their 'Stays' in the park

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